4.3-10 Straight Panel Receptacle (jack) 3


Because of its characteristics the 4.3-10 is the ideal candidate for applications as in new base stations as well as for solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture and in small cells applications.

  • In base stations the 4.3-10 can be used for interconnections in the remote radio head as well as interface on the antenna and on the jumpers.
  • In multi-operator/multiband DAS the 4.3-10 can be used where RF signals have to be combined, terminated, or distributed to the antenna.
  • In small cells applications the 4.3-10 is particularly suited for the challenging space restrictions and electrical performances requirements.


Key features


  • Excellent RL and PIM performances independently from the torque applied or mechanism used
  • High screening efficiency
  • Electrical contact protected against accidental hits
  • Compactness: the connector is fitting in 1 inch flange (25.4 mm)
  • Low weight (60 % lighter compared to bigger RF interfaces)
  • 3 possible mechanical connections (screw, hand screw and quick lock) on 1 universal female connector
  • IEC standardization



  • High density module design because of smaller flange and a minimum pitch 25.4 mm for hand screw and quick lock
  • Light weight modules because of low components weight and no need of thick-walled modules (no torque or small torque required)
  • High flexibility in the choice of the best matching coupling mechanism according to the application
  • Reliable electrical performance
  • Easy installation


Mechanical data

Flange dimention Type square flange 25.4 X 25.4 mm
Tab Style   others
Terminal Dimension D1 4.34 mm
Terminal Dimension L1   7.30 mm

Electrical data

Impendance 50 Ω
Max. Interface frequency ≤ 12 GHz

Environmental and general data

Operating Temp min -55 °C
Operating Temp max 90 °C
Weight 0.0375 kg
Number of Matings 100

Material data

2002/95/EC (RoHS)  compliant
Piece part Base material Plating
Centre Contact Material Copper Beryllium Alloy Silver Plating
Outer Contact Material Bronze Silver Plating
Insulator Material PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  
Body Material Brass SUCOPLATE (R) Plating

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