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EM4-CW Snow melting for Roads and footpaths

EM4-CW is a constant output heating cable for simple, fast,
and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow
and ice formation.
The pre-terminated EM4-CW cable comes complete with a 4m cold lead, removing the need for on-site termination activities. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold lead to the power junction box and “Smart” control unit.

The EM4-CW heating cable is designed for applications where a 3 phase (400V) supply is available.


Key benefits:

  • Easy to install
    • pre-terminated heating cable
    • no onsite termination of heating cable to cold lead.
    • Flexible cable
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts.
  • Available in many sizes to fit your application.

Combine with VIA-DU-20 controls, and SBS-xx-CW-40 multi-circuit control panels for increased energy efficiency .



Design phase

  • Simple design
  • Pre-defined power output dependent upon cable spacing (Up to 300W/m².)
  • Variety of sizes available to meet project requirements.

Installation phase

  • Pre-terminated heating cable requires no onsite cold lead or end seal connections.
  • Heating cable can be fixed to an existing reinforcement bar or with fixing strips from Pentair Thermal Management.
  • Dual wire cable system means only one cold lead needs to be connected to the power supply and controller.

The applications

  • Excellent for irregular shaped areas.
  • Vehicle accessways and loading bays.
  • Emergency exits – Keeping escape routes clear and safe.


Technical data

Nominal Power: 25W/m
Voltage: 400Vac
Maximum Exposure Temperature: 65°C
Minimum Install temperature: +5°C
Dimensions: 8.9mm x 5.5mm
Circuit Breaker required: Type C
RCD: 30mA
Cable Construction: Twin core, constant power output heating cable.
Pre-terminated with a 4m 3 core cold lead cable.
Certification: CE, VDE

26 m.
26 m.
35 m.
35 m.
61 m.
61 m.
122 m.
122 m.
173 m.
173 m.
211 m
211 m
250 m.
250 m.
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