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KIT MTS-4000 + 4123 MM OTDR module

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VIAVI MTS-4000 OTDR + 4123MM Multimode Module Fiber Optic Test Kit

VIAVI MTS-4000 OTDR + 4123MM Multimode Module Fiber Optic Test Kit

VIAVI MTS-4000 Modular OTDR fiber optic test device for all-in-one acces networks,FTTx networks and triple-play services; in addition to VIAVI 4123MM OTDR module, which is an ideal companion for the installation and maintenance of LAN/WAN and multimode Access networks.

The VIAVI -JDSU- MTS-4000 is a small, compact and handheld fiber optic test platform designed to test fiber optic networks at all any phases of their lifecycle; the VIAVI MTS-4000 OTDR is used during installation and also during maintenance of access networks, FTTx networks and triple-play services. Modular in design, the VIAVI MTS-4000 offers field service technicians the highest performance and superior levels of scalability and upgradeability. VIAVI 123MM OTDR module is compatible with LAN/WAN and multimode Access networks in a 26/24dB dynamic range at 850nm and 1300nm wave lengths.

Kit Hand-held-VIAVI-MTS-4000-OTDR-Fiber-Optic-Test-Platform-buttons-navigation-Multiple-Services-JDSU-2

VIAVI MTS-4000 Highlights

  • Large 7-inch indoor/outdoor color display
  • Cost-effective, compact and handheld platform
  • Multi-layer network solution from physical to services layer
  • Highly scalable with up to 2 field-replaceable modules
  • Connection checker with VFL, power meter and video inspection scope options
  • Flexible connectivity for fast data transfer: 2xUSB 2.0, up to 1 Gb/s Ethernet
  • Touch screen
  • Three wavelengths with 1310/1550/1625 nm 37/35/35 dB RMS Range
  • Mid-range solution
  • The bag is not included in the set
  • Automatic traffic detection
  • Automatic macro-bend detection
  • Comprehensive suite of PC software tools for post-processing of test results, including FiberTrace (OFS-100) and FiberCable (OFS-200)
  • Field interchangeable single slot size
  • Source and power meter through OTDR port for insertion loss measurement
  • Simple for the novice, fully featured for the expert
  • Short dead zone down to 1 m

Kit - Back of VIAVI-MTS-4000-OTDR-Fiber-Optic-Test-Platform-buttons-navigation-Multiple-Services-JDSU-3

VIAVI MTS-4000 Applications

  • Fiber test applications include OTDR, FiberComplete™ Automatic IL/ORL, CWDM Analyzer, PON/FTTH selective power meter , Connector Inspection with IEC Pass/Fail Analysis as well as Visual Fault Locator, Broadband Power Meter and CW light source 
  • Copper test applications include volt/ohm meter, time domain reflectometer (TDR), resistive fault locator, and wideband tones/spectal analysis to 30 MHz
  • Triple-play service testing/IPTV and VoIP measurements from DSL access interfaces or standard Ethernet port
  • VDSL and ADSL testing using Infineon Technologies chipset and licensed option for Dr. DSL® diagnostic solutions from Aware, Inc.
  • Enterprise IT network testing: Basic troubleshooting functionality combined with the advanced capability needed to turn up and maintain modern networks

VIAVI MTS-4000 Key Features

  • Lightweight platform: only 1.4kg/3 lbs
  • Intuitive graphical user interface 
  • Extended battery life using smart Lithium ion cell
  • Scripting capability for automation, simplification and automatic data reporting
  • Easy Internet access via installed web browser
  • Remote control access allowing remote assistance from any expert user
  • Integration of basic applications such as HTML and PDF reader


VIAVI 4123MM Multimode Module

The VIAVI 4123MM module has fast acquisition time, sharp resolution (0.8m event dead zone) and 26/24dB dynamic range at 850nm and 1300nm wave lengths. Combining a true loss test set (light source and power meter) with the VIAVI 4123MM OTDR on the same port enables users to perform a full range of fiber certification tests (continuity check, total link loss, length, connectors reflectance, and events loss measurements) without disconnecting fibers. This capability is integrated in both singlemode and multimode optical ports.

VIAVI 4123MM Multimode Module Features

  • Dynamic range of 26/24dB (MM)
  • Integrated multimode CW Light source and Broadband Power Meter
  • TIA/IEC pass/fail thresholds
  • Propagation delay measure - ment in multimode (TIA-568-C)
  • Optimized for testing 10MB to 40GigE
  • Enables Tier 2 certification of Premises networks
  • For Tier 1 Fiber Certification, see the JDSU Certifier40G
  • IEC 61280-4-1 compliant using an external mode conditioner
  • Offer ideal test solution for use in the installation, turn-up and maintenance of LAN/WAN, Access, Metro and Wireless Backhaul networks
  • Bring flexibility with quad-wavelength Singlemode/Multimode version (Quad) and dual-wavelength Multimode version (MM)
  • Enable to perform a full range of fiber certification tests with integrated Loss Test Set on both multimode and singlemode OTDR ports
  • Include bi-directional analysis, fault locator, macrobend detection and multi-pulse acquisition test features

VIAVI 4123MM Multimode Module on MTS 4000

VIAVI MTS-4000 Front Details

  • 7-inch high-visibility TFT color screen
  • Home page 
  • Numerical keypad 
  • On indicator 
  • On/off 
  • Charge Indicator 
  • Soft keys 
  • Results page 
  • Setup menu home page 
  • File menu 
  • Cancel 
  • Direction & validation keys
  • Start/stop 
  • Loud speaker
  • Testing indicator
Kit VIAVI-MTS-4000-Multiple-Services-Fiber-Optic-Test-Platform-buttons-navigation-JDSU

  Multimode Singlemode+Multimode Singlemode
Wavelengths 850/1300 850/1300/1310/1550 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm
Dyn. range 27/25dB 27/25/37/35dB 34/32/32/30dB 37/35/35/33dB 42/40/40/40/40dB
EDZ 0.8 m 08 m MM / 0.9 m SM 1 m 0.9 m 0.8 m
ADZ 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m
Applications - MM networks (Datacom/IT/Private Enterprises) - MM networks
- Short/Medium Range SM Distances
- Short Distances
- Test before or after the splitter or up to 1/16 splitter on PON Networks
- Short/Medium Range Distances
- Test through up to 1/32 splitter on PON Networks
- Medium/Long  Range Distances
- Test through up to 1/128 splitter on PON Networks

Fiber Mode: Multimode
Central Wavelength: 850 nm
1300 nm
RMS Dynamic Range: 25 dB
Pulse width: 3ns - 20µs
Event Dead Zone: 0,8 m.
Attenuation Dead Zone: 4 m.
Network type: Metro
MTS-2000 Hanheld Modular Test Platform

MTS-2000 Hanheld Modular Test Platform

VIAVI Turkey
MTS-2000 Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

No modules included!!!

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4146QUAD OTDR Module for MTS-2000-4000 Test Platforms

4146QUAD OTDR Module for MTS-2000-4000 Test Platforms

VIAVI Turkey
4146 QUAD MM/SM OTDR Module

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Price inc. VAT:€0.00
Out of stock
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