TPSM-C30 -Tube type joint coating 2 layer


  • Girthweld coating of small diameter distribution pipes.
  • Compatible with standard pipe coatings including PE, FBE, PP, tape and coal tar.
  • Field applied, "over-the-ditch" coating.

Features & Benefits:


No primer required.

DVGW certified

   No drying time and easy application.

   Proven quality and performance!

Shrinkable tubular.

Self-healing effect of visco-elastic sealant.

   Accomodates easily to dimensional variations
   and pipe ovality

   Saves extra intervention steps (Sealing adhesive automatically flows and seals off minor mechanical damages).

No special equipment required

Low preheat sensitivity and proven functionality

   Makes installation fast and easy, keeps  installation costs low 

   Allows easy application combined with high functional performance




Max Temperature: 30 ºC, 86 ºF

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