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HST-3000 Next Gen Handheld Services Tester

Test the copper, test the service, improve the process

  • Thoroughly qualifies the copper with VF & WB TIMS, DVOM, TDR, RFL, OPENS, Leakage, Balance, Load Coil detection, and more...( 
  • NEW – E1/Datacom SIM: G.703, G.821, G.826, M.2100, Datacom
    • Dual Tx & Rx E1 + Datacom interfaces
    • Datacom
    • Bulk n x 64 kbit/s BERT, Audio Monitor, Event log
    • Frame Relay
  • NEW – ADSL1, ADSL2, ADSL2+, RE-ADSL – all in one module!
  • Data layer test options: DHCP, IPoE, PPPoE, PPPoA, FTP throughput, and web Browser
  • NEW – Verify IP Video service including STB (Set Top Box) emulation: IGMP (Broadcast) and RTSP (VOD) signaling protocols
  • NEW – Evaluate key IP Video QoS parameters including Packet Loss, Packet jitter, IGMP latency, and PCR jitter
  • VoIP phone emulation with CISCO SCCP, SIP, H.3232
  • VoIP QoS: Packet loss, delay, jitter, MOS and R-Factor scores

HTS 3000 Service Tester [PDF, 119.81 KB]
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