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Fiber Optic Splice Box FOSC400 B4 6 Trays

Fiber Optic Splice Closure FOSCB4 with 6 splicing trays

Tyco Code: FOSC-400B4-12-6-NGV-TRC2


  • Dome
  • Clamp
  • Ring
  • Base including a tray tower to hold the splicing trays 
  • 6 splicing tray 
  • Transportation tubes with tie wraps (part of tray kit) 
  • 1 oval port seal kit including cleaning tissues, aluminum tape and abrasive strips 
  • Shield continuity wires for closure sizes B and D (not shown on the picture) 
  • Loose tube storage sleeve for closure size A/B (not shown on the picture) 
  • 1 bag with silica gel, 75 grams 
  • Installation instructions

Fiber Optic Splice Box FOSC400 B4 6 Trays

The FOSC 400 products are butt-type closures used in the outside plant network when mass 
splice storage is the main requirement. 
They are available in four different sizes and are typically used as track joints. 
The FOSC-400 closures are made of a thermoplastic material. 
The base and dome are sealed with a clamp and an O-ring system. 
The base has one oval entry port for looped (uncut) cable and, depending on the closure size, 
2, 4, 5 or 8 round ports for single cable exit. 
The cable seals are manufactured from heat-shrinkable material. 
Depending on the closure size, the splice storage and organizer trays can accommodate from 
6 to 768 single fiber splices.
All splicing trays are hinged at one end so that any fiber can be accessed without: 

  • disturbing fiber on other trays, 
  • kinking buffer tubes, or 
  • Introducing losses. 

All cable termination and sealing functions are provided with the closures. 
Uncut loose buffer tube storage is provided in optional storage baskets.

Number of Splice Trays:6
Capacity (or type) of Splice Tray:72
Splice Capacity of each Organizer Tray:12
Closure Size (inches):B - 8 dia. x 25 long
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