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U-Link Connector Adaptor LC/LC Duplex

The LC connector is established because of its small size and its very reliable connecting quality. In the last five years it has become the most popular connector in the world.

  • Two connections in one SC shaped adaptor
  • One-piece design for highest precision
  • Ceramic sleeves


HUBER+SUHNER present a innovation to the industry standard LC connector. LC is the connector of choice for many network operators because of its compact size and high packing density, however due to its locking key design; handling is always compromised in applications where LC adapters are side by side. This problem is particularly apparent with duplex SC shape adapters where access to the key of the connector is often obstructed by adjacent connectors and adapters. In contrast; the SC connector has a much better design in terms of mating because it relies on a push-pull mechanism which is accessible on all four sides of the connector shroud. 


FreezeTec 12 Heating cable . Thermostat
FreezeTec 12 Heating cable . Thermostat
Price excl. VAT:€33.17
Price inc. VAT:€39.14
Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Price excl. VAT:€66.00
Price inc. VAT:€77.88

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