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DuraSeal Insulated Crimp Slices 14-16

DuraSeal Insulated Crimp Slices 14-16

DURASEAL® 14-16 Heat-Shrinkable, Environmentally Sealed, Nylon-Insulated Crimp Splices Wire to wire Splicing Product Facts: Protects splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion Provides strain relief Protects against vibration in rugged environments Completely insulates and protects electrical and telecommunication connections.

DURASEAL® 14-16 Features

  • Protects splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion
  • Provides strain relief 
  • Protects against vibration in rugged environments
  • Completely insulates and protects electrical connections
  • Has adhesive lining for protection that is more reliable than conventional splices
  • UL, CUL, and Lloyd’s listed

DURASEAL® 14-16 Applications

  • Automotive/truck wiring repair and maintenance.
  • Automotive accessory installations.
  • OEM automotive/truck/RV wire harness fabrication.
  • Marine electronics.
  • Fleet maintenance.
  • Commercial wiring (pumps/pools/spas).
  • Appliances.

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