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U-Link Connector Adaptor SC/APC

The choice between angle-polished connectors (APC) and ultra-polished connectors (UPC) can make a significant impact on how a particular network will perform. There are several considerations to make, including the network design or purpose and the types of services that will be transported over the fiber.


Passive Optical Network (PON) infrastructures deployed in fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks require numerous fiber connections to achieve the distribution of services to multiple homes. Although splicing has its place in these systems, use of reliable APC connectors provide numerous advantages in terms of overall network flexibility, testing and troubleshooting.


The more significant performance characteristic between APC and UPC connectors is their return loss. Return loss is a measurement of the light reflected back to the source at an optical interface.


APC connectors are superior to UPC connectors in this performance category because of their angle-polished endface geometry. When light is reflected at the connector interface of a UPC connector, it is reflected straight back at the source, increasing the return loss value. However, when the same signal passes through the APC connector, the 8° angle causes the reflected light to be absorbed by the cladding material.


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