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Liquid leak detection systmes, TT MINI PROBE

The TT-MINI-PROBE is a cost effective solution for low point leak detection. It is a special purpose probe designed to detect electrically conductive fluid leaks in space limited locations. The TT-MINI-PROBE is built using chemically resistant plastic and stainless steel materials to withstand exposure to a wide range of harsh chemicals.

Installations of the TT-MINI-PROBE at specially constructed low points in double contained pipe take advantage of the compact size and chemically resistant features of the device. In the event of a chemical leak from the carrier pipe, fluid will drain to the low point in the containment pipe, and the TT-MINI-PROBE will detect the leak.

The TT-MINI-PROBE can also be used to detect leaks in drip trays or sumps, or low spots where TraceTek sensing cables are inappropriate. The TT-MINI-PROBE will detect leaks with as little as 3 mm (1/8 inch) of the probe exposed to liquid, but the probe can be installed in virtually any position to provide optimized leak sensitivity.

The TT-MINI-PROBE can be interconnected with jumper cable and branching connectors to other TT-MINI-PROBE or TraceTek sensing cable segments, and be monitored by a TTDM-128 or TTSIM alarm module. System reliability and integrity are ensured because the TT-MINI-PROBE is designed to be an integral part of the leak detection sensor circuit. Any damage to theTT-MINI-PROBE will be immediately detected by the alarm module.

The TT-MINI-PROBE comes with a hold down clip that is useful for mounting against a sump sidewall. An optional L shaped stainless steel (SS) mounting bracket can be ordered to secure the probe vertically on flat open areas. An optional pressure-feedthrough (PFT) fitting can be ordered to secure the probe in double contained pipe applications.


Simple and easy to use

The TT-MINI-PROBE is provided with the TraceTek standard metal connector so that it can be directly connected to any TT3000, TT5000 or TT5001 modular sensing cable and accessory. The TT-MINI-PROBE can be used at any point in a TraceTek leak detection circuit where an end termination would be used. A single TT-MINI-PROBE can be connected directly to a TT-MLC-MC-BLK leader cable to create a simple single point detection circuit. Multi-point leak detection circuits can be constructed using TT-MBC-MC-TW branch connectors and multiple TT-MINI-PROBES.

TraceTekTTMINIprobe-Datasheet [PDF, 754.19 KB]
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