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942-955 CX EN Double Faced System

The Polyken 942-955 CX System is a co-extruded multilayer coating system designed for the corrosion protection of pipelines operating in highly corrosive environments and exposed to high mechanical stresses that may be present particularly on large diameter pipes and is fully certified to the DIN EN 12068 Standard (Class C50). 
The system consists of three layer:

1. Polyken 1027 liquid adhesive (primer)
2. Polyken 942 CX  three ply anti-corrosion inner layer
3. Polyken 955 CX mechanical outer layer
The three ply adhesive system produces a strong cohesive bond to the primed steel surface, at the spiral overlap and to the mechanical outer layer. The tough mechanical properties of the outer layer provide protection to the pipes during handling and installation.  For the coating of joints with other mainline coatings the Polyken 942/955EN system is preferred due to its better conformability. 


  • Mainline pipeline coating especially in highly corrosive and high mechanical stress environments
  • Recondition and rehabilitate existing piplines


Features & Benefits:

Fully amalgamating overlapping areas Uniform Coating thickness
     Forming a sleeve-type coating      Plant coating quality with in-situ application
Impermeable to oxygen and moisture Low cathodic protection-current requirements
     Long-term in-ground performance      Saving cost over the life of the pipeline
Resistant to soil Stress Co-extruded Polyethylene and Butyl Rubber
     Superior in-ground performance      Superior cohesive strength


Max Temperature: 65 ºC, 149 ºF
DS-942-955-CX-REV3-JAN12 [PDF, 106.88 KB]
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