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TraceTek TT5000HS Fuel Sensing Cable

TraceTek TT5000-HS sensing cable detects the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length, yet it does not react to the presence of water. Installed with a TraceTek Sensor Interface Module and TraceTek Alarm Panel, the cable senses hydrocarbon liquid, triggers an alarm and pinpoints the location of a leak within one meter.


Designed for underground leak detection

TT5000-HS sensing cable is designed for use within slotted PVC conduit and is constructed with an outer layer of polyethylene fibers to provide extra pulling strength and low friction during the installation process. The sensor cable core is standard TT5000 with well documented response times, numerous third party qualifications and years of successful applications. The cable can be purchased in bulk form, cut to length in the field and joined using connector kits, or it can be obtained in standard or custom cut lengths with connectors attached in the factory. The cable is designed to pull through 42 mm or 1-½ in slotted schedule 80 PVC conduit with up to 240 m (800 ft) between pull boxes.


Distinctive appearance and ready for pipeline projects

TT5000-HS sensing cable has a glossy white outer layer of rope fibers. The polyethylene rope outer layer is fabricated with a number of individual filaments that collectively increase the pulling force limit to greater than 100 kg (220 lb). At the same time, the outer rope layer dramatically reduces frictional drag between the cable and the PVC conduit, thereby facilitating long distances between pull boxes. In many cases four lengths of TT5000-HS will be joined to form a single TraceTek circuit of 1000 meters. 

Multiple circuits can be monitored from a single location, thus permitting pipeline applications from a few hundred meters to many kilometers.


Advanced technology

TraceTek uses radiation cross-linking and conductive-polymer technology to make TT5000-HS cables. The combination of water and chemically resistant inner wall coupled with the enhanced strength of the polyethylene outer rope layer yield a product well suited for underground leak detection. The cable is able to withstand both the rigors of installation and long years of service underground with exposure to ground water and various soil conditions. Mildly acidic or alkaline conditions, exposure to detergents and similar tough conditions are well tolerated. The cable can even be installed in many ‘brown field’ conditions where older spills have been remediated but traces of hydrocarbon remain present in the soil and ground water.

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