M28876 Terminus Insert and Extraction Tools

Stran has developed the following hand tools in support of the M29504/14 & M29504/15 termini, the M28876 connector family and the TACLight connector family. These tools meet NAVSEA drawings 6872813-2, 6872813-4 and 6872813-6. They are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and 400 series medical grade heat-treated Stainless Steel. They have been designed to protect the termini end faces, prevent damage to the termini crown clip during extraction due to over travel and to prevent grabbing / breaking of the ceramic sleeve instead of the alignment sleeve housing during alignment sleeve extraction. For fiber optic installations in accordance with MIL-STD-2042. All tools can be used on Singlemode or Multimode termini, COTS or MIL termini versions.

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