MASTERLINE Classic uses separate multi-fiber and multi-conductor copper riser cables that are connected to mast mounted FTTA/PTTA distribution boxes which are then linked to the RRHs with short jumper cables. Traditionally multi-riser cables with distribution boxes have been the preferred solution for multi-RRH installations, however with the increasing number of remote radios per site mast space limitations and wind loading have become critical issues to operators.

Moreover some operators can incur extra leasing costs for every box placed on the mast, thus distribution box based systems are gradually being superseded by box-less solutions like MASTERLINE Extreme. In general, the installation method with boxes is cost effective and offers installation flexibility but it does require handling and connecting of indoor LC connectors at the mast-top distribution box. Many operators want to avoid the risk of opening and maintaining mast-top boxes by non-trained or non-authorised persons.



  • Pre-assembled «plug & play» cabling system
  • Ruggedised design with robust pulling tube
  • Outdoor and indoor with high flame resistance
  • Temperature range –40 °C up to +75 °C
  • Ingress protection IP67 when installed
  • Loose tube cables with up to 24 fibers, rodent protected and UV resistant
  • LC uniboot connectors
  • Breakouts numbered for easy channel identification
  • Easy and time-saving installation
  • Each system factory tested• Ruggedised outdoor fiber distribution box
  • Supports up to 6/12 remote radio heads
  • Fitted with bend radius limiting mandrels
  • Suitable for mounting on poles, walls and tower legs with round-, L-, V- and -shape
  • Easy to mount and install with pre-mounted brackets
  • Compatible with MASTERLINE Classic and MTP
  • Fully electrically isolated
  • Protective vent equalises pressure and prevents water condensation

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