OptiSocket 2 - Customer Premises Wall Outlet

OptiSocket 2

serves the termination of the individual residential cabling. The outlet takes up 1 to 4 connections as well as sufficient reserve of bend radius optimised fibers. The design of the fiber overlength management guarantees long-term stability for the fibers. Fatigue break shall not happen even not after 20 years being in place. An integrated laser protection plus an additional dust prevention as well as protection against unintended plug out of PatchCords are more features of the optical outlet. The flat surface mount design can also be used for flush mount installations.

OptiSocket 2 Features:

  • Installation friendly, optical telecommunication outlet consisting of base, cover, adapter and mounting plate
  • Fiber overlength management designed for low bend fibers with a secondary coating of 600 µm
  • Accepts up to 2 adapters with SC format (LC, SC,LX.5)
  • Adapters, respectively connector interfaces are dust and laser protected
  • Radius protected fiber overlength management, minimum-bend radius of 15 mm
  • Up to 4 crimp- or fusion splices, storage of heatshrink or sandwich splice protectors
  • All-side cable entry to break-out
  • Outlets can be linked in serial
  • Cover to be screwed on, screw can be sealed
  • Possibility of cover labelling given
  • Colour in pure white
  • Patchcord locking features 

OptiSocket2_DataSheet [PDF, 367.04 KB]
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