Riser Cable (900 Micron Multi-Fiber)

  • metal free indoor cable
  • strain relief with aramide yarn
  • for direct connector assembly
  • ripcord for easy jacket removal
  • for high mechanical and thermal stability
  • low smoke, halogen free and self-extinguishing
  • longitudinal and transversal watertight cable
  • for SMARTLINE applications


Cable Design : Central stength member (Metal free)- 4-16 tight tube fiber; aramid yarn and 1 ribcord.
Cable Jacked: LSFH™
Tube Colour: According to colour codes
Cable Jacked Colour: LSFH™ Black
Tube Colours: E9 (9µ) Yellow Dubleks Kablo Figure 0
G50(50µ) Orange
G62.5(62.5µ) Orange
OM3 Turquoise

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