Steel Armoured Fiber Optic Cable (12 fiber)

  • rodent-protected, steel-armoured
  • for use in ducts and unprotected environment
  • high chemical resistance against acids and alkalies
  • for high mechanical requirements
  • halogen free and non-corrosive fire gases


Tube: Jelly filled, Multi-fiber, loose tube (2-12 fiber)
Cable Jacked: PE or LSFH™ - Black
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn and Steel Armoured.
Colour: Coloured with Ral Colour Codes
Jacked Colours: E9 (9µ) Yellow Maks. 12 Fiber kapasiteli çelik zırhlı fiber optik kablo
G50(50µ) Orange
G62.5(62.5µ) Orange
OM3 Turquoise


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