BUDI-2S Building Distribution Enclosure

  • Designed to operate in outdoor locations (IEC61753-1 cat. C), outdoor ground location (IEC 61753-1 cat G) and arial locations (IEC61753-1 cat. A)
  • Material: LSZH, flame retardant and UV stable
  • Multiple cable ports and all wraparound
  • Splice capacity up to 36 supporting SMOUV and ANT
  • Patch panel with capacity up to 8SC or 12LC connectors
  • Cable can be conventional cable or blown fiber including in this case a gas block
  • Included cable seals: 1 x up to 10 mm diameter and 1 x 12 pigtails up to 3 mm diameter
  • Including cable termination bracket: 1 up to 10 mm and 1 x 12 cable up to 3 mm (splice application) and 1 x 12 cable up to 3 mm (splice/patch application)
  • Cable termination bracket and grommet accessories available
  • All adapters according to IEC 61755-1

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