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Field Card Cleaners OPTIPOP C


  • Uses same high performance cleaning material as OPTIPOP cassettes
  • Designed to minimize static attraction
  • Micro-fiber composition has excellent absorbency to remove  oils and residues
  • Custom micro-fiber weave patterned will capture fine dust particulates without fraying 



  • Ideal for medical applications using SMA and ST connections
  • Accommodates LC and MU duplex connections
  • Accommodates SC duplex connections
  • Good for all single fiber connections (LC, SC, FC, ST)
  • Suitable for field, laboratory and field applications


US Conec’s dry cloth card cleaners are the most advanced fiber tip cleaning products available today. The unique, densely woven micro-fiber cloth provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips like other cleaning tools.

Today’s optical networking components requiring minimal insertion loss and back reflections demand, quick reliable cleaning solutions. 
Fiber tips containing even trace amounts of debris not only suffer from power degradation but also an increased likelihood of permanent damage when mated.


Product variations include a variety of solutions that make it easy to use on most fiber connector types, and in any fiber or lens cleaning situation. 
The cost and performance of these cleaning tools make them an easy choice over competitive solutions.

USConec-Card-Cleaners-Datasheet [PDF, 148.76 KB]

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