Fiber Inspection Cleaning and Test Kit - FTTx, FBP/HD3

  • Dual magnification FBP video probe microscope 200/400X hardwired to HD3 video display
  • Interchangeable FBPT inspection tips (4)
  • IBC Cleaner for 1.25mm connectors
  • IBC Cleaner for 2.5mm connectors
  • Cleaning solvent & lint-free wipes
  • OLS-55 Laser Source (1310/1550nm, APC)
  • OLP-57 FTTx Power Meter (1310/1490/1550nm, APC)
  • Patch cords (test leads)
  • Visual Fault Locator
  • Carrying case



Specification FBP-HD3
Video Display 1.8" (45.7mm) TFT LCD Screen
Connector 4-pin Hirose for FBP probes
Power Source Built in rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) 800mAH battery 
or AC adapter (100-200V AC/12V DC)
Power Modes ON (continuous no)
GripSwitch (power saving)
Run Time ~3 hour (continous on) Extended run time with use of grip switch


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