Versatile Bed Heater for Large Assemblies and Substrates - VBH-1

The VBH-1 is an integrated modular unit consisting of an upper and lower heater chamber with a transporter base and motorized wheels that are directed through an aluminum track. The heater transporter automatically stops when it reaches the parking station at either end of the process area.

It has been designed to accommodate a large variety of difficult to process applications. With an adjustable upper heating chamber the heater separation can be adjusted from 37 mm [1.5 in] to a 150 mm [6 in] gap enabling the unit to process heat-shrinkable tubing products up to 127 mm [5 in} in diameter. The upper and lower chambers are provided with adjustable heat shields to maximize the oven heating efficiency.


Product Facts

  • The Versatile Bed Heater (VBH-1) is the latest generation of reliable and versatile process heaters.
  • Closed-loop speed and temperature control
  • Controlled process
  • Adaptable for a large variety long length and heat sensitive applications
  • Heater operation and over temperature alarm lights
  • Heater and track are sold separately. See available track lengths on page 2-24.
VBH-1-Bed-Heater-Tyco-Datasheet [PDF, 82.12 KB]
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