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Electronic Thermostat TCON-CSD/20

The TCON-CSD/20 is a compact digital thermostat for simple ON/OFF temperature control. The temperature is measured through a temperature sensor and shown on a LCD display. 
The actual status of the output relay is signaled via a LED. 
The instrument is commissioned and operated via three soft key push buttons on the unit’s front panel. 
Through its compact design and robust construction the TCON-CSD/20 allows for simple and space-saving installation. 


Specific features:
•     Time-delayed controller activation after initial power up (can be used to avoid peak demands on power during start-up)
•     Parameter level can be protected by means of a secret code
•     Adjustable switching differential.
•     Input sensors are permanently monitored for cable short or breakage.


Temperature control range –200°C to +500°C (accuracy 0.1%)
Ambient operating temperature 0°C to +55°C
Storage temperature –40°C to +70°C
Power supply & own power consumption 230 Vac +10/–15%, 48 – 63 Hz; < 1 VA
Relay output 10 A rated changeover contact (SPDT)
Temperature sensor Pt100, Pt1000 or KTY2X-6
Sensor "open" and sensor "short" will be automatically detected and will cause the output to switch to the customer programmed default either permanently ON or OFF
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