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FOSC-400 Joint Closure 6 splice trays

400 has the following features FOSC: 

• Single-sided thermo-plastic structure, 
• Body and cover with insulating gaskets and sealing system handcuffed 
• oval cable input for conversion cable 
• depending on the type of housing up to 8 round cable entry 
• Heat must shrivel up cable entry 
• A, B and D to 3 different series and additional capacity of up to 864 
• compatible with all cable types (loose tube, central tube, etc. ..) Due to the structure of the hinged tray
• FOSC additional disturbing other trays without having to bend tubes without access lossless. 
• Transit tubes or for uninterrupted storage of surplus tube storage tray. 

FOSC400 product family, the extent and capacity according to 7 different types (AS, A4, A8, B2, B4, D5 / B, D5) box is included. A4 and B4 series of 7 different types of this market are used in Turkey and are the most common product types. 

Joint closures made of thermoplastic material FOSC400 olup; base (body), to cover and clamp consists of 3 different parts. Handcuffed structure, the changes will be made on the additional box and allows extra.

4 round and 1 oval port in Turkey market housing are preferred. However, according to customer's specifications and the additional box, depending on the type, the increased number of ports may be round. 

According to the sufficient number of additional boxes added capacity and additional protective tape in the host.

Size and Capacity




Length L (mm)



Diameter (without handcuff) (mm)


Diameter (handcuffed) A (mm)





Number of Additional Books

2 / 3

4 / 6

Number of Fiber



Fiber capacity is calculated for a standard tray with 12 fiber. For high-fiber capacity with optional tray can be used in the fiber 24. 24 fiber capacity for the tape, please consult your dealer.

FOSC-400A4 Series


FOSC-400B4 Series


1. Valves (Optional). 2. Earthing (optional) 3 Floors (Hull) 4 5th Clamps Cover 6th Additional Trays

Ordering Information

B4 Series is approved by Turk Telekom. In practice, 3 and 6 with cassette tape is used as. Türk Telekom will use the following applications, product codes, and the kit contents include TT specifications, all necessary materials.

Product Code



Type TT with 3 Books


Type of Books 6 TT

Standard applications include the product code is used, the cable entry ports are not included in this kit. The user-defined cable accessories in the input ports, in addition to their request chooses.

Product Code



Standard Type 3 tape with


With a standard Type 6 Books

3 with cassette boxes, have different body structure with extra 6 reputation with cassette tape and can be made. Body has to hold up to 4 trays.


FOSC-400_Datasheet [PDF, 558.94 KB]
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