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Powercrete R-65 / F1 - Fast Setting Epoxy


  • Mainline high-build coating for line pipes
  • Pipeline coatings: Girth welds, pipe bends, fittings, valves, odd shapes
  • Rehabilitation and repair of FBE coating
  • Spray application by plural component heated spray equipment or applied manually using brush, roller or trowel


Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Solids Epoxy: No V.O.C.s or Isocyanates

Safe to use; Environmentally friendly

  • High Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance

Superior performance for corosion protection in extreme conditions

  • Super Fast Cure Time

Speeds up production time, Allows immediate back-fill, Reduces down-time

  • High Wet Out for Ultra High Anchorage

Surface Longer life, Better performance, Delay rehabilitation; No maintenance and Saves money

  • High Build: 1 mm (40mils) in a Single Pass

High productivity and faster production; Saves time and project costs

  • Same Formula for Hand or Spray Application

Flexible and reduced inventory; Saves money & time

  • Compatible with Bare Steel or FBE Coated Pipe

Flexible Uses & Reduces Inventory; Improve productivity and reduces downtime

  • 2:1 Part A:B Mix Ratio by Volume

Avoids error in mixing and easy to monitor; Saves time

  • Excellent Cathodic Disbondment & Chemical Resistance

Broad range of applications, Versatility; Reduces inventory


Max Temperature: 65 ºC (149 ºF)

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