Light Duty Heating Tool HL1910E/HL2010E

The HL2010E and HL1910E hot air heat guns are designed to work with a standard line voltage (120V) on a wide variety of Raychem heat-shrinkable products.

These tools are suitable for occasional use and are not recommended for applications requiring high duty cycles.

Both tools supply forced hot air with an adjustable heat setting to meet the requirements of many different installation

situations. A three position switch controls the air flow (150/300/500 l/min)

A bench stand allowing use of both the HL2010E and the HL1910E as a bench tool is available as an option. Only two reflectors are required to cover most applications of heat-shrinkable tubing and Solder Sleeve terminations.

There is an adaptor available, which allows the use of PR type reflectors.


Product Facts

  • Light duty, portable hot air heater
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