Medium Wall RMW

Medium wall, general purpose RMW tubing is specifically designed for use in a broad range of low-voltage applications. RMW is tough and flexible, making it particularly suited for the insulation and protection of cable joints as well as for cable repair. Uncoated RMW provides insulation and strain relief. Adhesive-lined RMW also provides an environmental seal.

RMW is a suitable choice for applications where maximum reliability and product performance, and simplified installation are required. Because RMW is heat-shrinkable, a minimum number of sizes are needed to cover a wide range of cables and splice diameters.


Product Facts

  • Withstands mechanical abuse for increased product reliability
  • Highly resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Resistant to chemicals and moisture
  • Adhesive-lined version provides a complete moisture-proof seal preventing corrosion of underlying components
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Heavy Duty
Flame retardant:No
Max Operating Temperature:110
Min Shrink Temperature:110
RMW_Datasheet [PDF, 53.21 KB]
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