Belt Heater for Heat Model 19

The Model 19 conveyor type processor is a reliable and versatile process heater which provides a controlled process for a wide variety of heat-shrinkable products. Double-sided timing belts on either side of the upper and lower heating chambers draw the assemblies through a thermally controlled infrared heat zone, then through a fan-cooled zone before depositing them into the unloading bin.

The processor was designed to meet the requirements of the European Safety Directives and is CE approved, allowing for worldwide use.


Product Facts

  • Closed-loop speed and temperature control
  • Continuous controlled process
  • Adaptable for different applications
  • CE approved for worldwide use
  • Self-diagnostic circuitry
  • Parts counter and hour meter
Category:Heavy Duty
Model 19_Datasheet [PDF, 70.6 KB]
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