Polyolefin Heat-Shrinkable Tubing RHW

Rugged, heavy wall RHW tubing is specifically designed for insulating, protecting and sealing electrical connections and joints in low-voltage cables. It provides splice insulation thickness equal to or greater than standard wire insulation manufactured to common industry standards. RHW is a suitable choice for applications where maximum reliability and product performance, and simplified installation are required. Because RHW is heat-shrinkable, a minimum number of sizes are needed to cover a wide range of cables and splice diameters.


Product Facts

  • Withstands mechanical abuse for increased product reliability
  • Highly resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Provides high level of strain relief when installed on splices and joints
  • Resistant to chemicals, moisture and oils
  • Provides a complete moisture-proof seal preventing corrosion of underlying components
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Heavy Duty
Flame retardant:No
Max Operating Temperature:110
Min Shrink Temperature:110
RHW_Datasheet [PDF, 55.79 KB]
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