Shrinkable Tubing HRHT

Raychem HRHT

High-Ratio, High- Temperature, Flexible, Thick Wall Polyolefin Heat- Shrinkable Tubing

High-ratio (HR), high–temperature (HT) heat-shrinkable tubing, with shrink ratios as high as 6-to-1, is designed to conform to odd shapes and shrink over large transitions, allowing for the repair and sealing of cable connectors and equipment. This product can be used to seal the back end of a connector or simply repair the damaged outer insulation of a cable or wire. Cable harnesses can be repaired and released without disassembly.

HRHT tubing is available with an optional hot melt adhesive lining. A high performance adhesive is also available for more demanding applications.


Product Facts

  • Shrink ratios as high as 6:1
  • Specially formulated for thick wall insulation, strain relief and abrasion protection
  • Flame retardant passing ASTM D 635
  • Excellent performance in both hot and cold environments
  • Optional factory applied adhesive provides watertight environmental sealing in wet and corrosive locations
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Heavy Duty
Flame retardant:Yes
Max Operating Temperature:135
Min Shrink Temperature:135
HRHT_Datasheet [PDF, 69.22 KB]
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