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Heat Shrink Tubing Adhesive-Lined Polyolefin Raychem ES2000

Specially designed for environmental sealing and electrical insulation of wire splices, terminations, and components.


Product Facts

  • 4:1 shrink ratio allows a few sizes to cover a wide range of splice and component diameters
  • Flame-retardant and mechanically tough, the tubing provides strain relief and abrasion protection of wire splices, terminals, and other components
  • Thick adhesive liner forms an effective barrier against fluids and moisture and performs well at an extended temperature range
  • UL recognized
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Dual Wall
Flame retardant:Yes
Max Operating Temperature:130
Min Shrink Temperature:110
ES2000_Datasheet [PDF, 144.96 KB]
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