Polyolefin Tubing TAT-125

Seals and protects simple in-line splices, bimetallic joints, and components from fluids, moisture, and corrosion. Repairs damaged wire insulation, especially where flexibility is required. Provides one step electrical insulation and moisture sealing.


Product Facts

  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Thin adhesive lining that bonds to outer tubing and surface below, forming a positive environmental seal
  • Flexibility of both tubing and adhesive
  • Moisture seal that is resistant to bending of the substrate
  • Good mechanical strength and cut-through resistance
  • Adhesive that bonds to a wide variety of plastics, rubbers, and metals, including polyethylene, neoprene, lead, and steel
  • RoHS compliant


Category:Dual Wall
Max Operating Temperature:110
Min Shrink Temperature:95
TAT-125_Datasheet [PDF, 66.64 KB]
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