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Semirigid, Flame-Retardant, Polyolefin Tubing CRN

Well-suited for wire strain-relief applications such as soldered or crimped connections, wire splices, and terminations. Provides mechanical protection for delicate components. Can be used for component packaging and for rugged marking of cables.


Product Facts

  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Transfer of flex stress away from typically weak points such as solder and crimp joints, helping ensure a reliable connection
  • Flame-retardance (black only)
  • Outstanding physical and electrical performance
  • Excellent chemical and solvent-resistance properties
  • RoHS compliant


Category:Single Wall
Flame retardant:Yes
Max Operating Temperature:135
Min Shrink Temperature:110
CRN_Datasheet [PDF, 87.79 KB]
CRN_Automotive [PDF, 36.74 KB]
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