RPBCT-42A | Assymmetrical Branch 1250A up to 42kV

RPBCT-42A | Assymmetrical Branch 1250A up to 42kV

For use with RPCT-42A connector

Suitable for connecting all types of polymeric insulated cables when a multiple connection is needed from equipment with bushings Type C according to EN 50180 and EN 50181.

This product must be used in combination with the compact asymmetrical connector RPCT-42A

• For Voltage Range up to 20.8/36 (42) kV

• Continuous current 1250A

• Meets the requirements of IEC 60502-4 and CENELEC HD 629.1 S2

• Very compact design – asymmetrical body allows minimum depth of connection for 2 or 3 cables per phase

• Suitable for Copper or Aluminium Conductors from 300-630sqmm

• Each connector body is factory tested for partial discharge and AC withstand to ensure 100% reliability

Standard Kit Contents:

Set of 3 separable branch connector bodies

Set of 3 Silicon Stress Control Elements

Set of 3 screw type lug and connecting stud

Earthing connections and mastic sealants

Installation materials and instructions

The product is UK origin.

For more details, please refer to the product datasheet

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