RCSBR-4 | Cold Shrinkable Insulating Cable Breakout (4 Core)

RCSBR-4 | Cold Shrinkable Insulating Cable Breakout (4 Core)

The REPL range of Cold Shrinkable Cable Breakout RCSBR-4 are designed as a quick and reliable method to protect and seal the crutch area of 4 core polymeric and paper insulated power cables.

The silicone moulding provides excellent thermal stability and weathering protection. They can be installed quickly and easily without the need for special tools or heat.

• Quick and easy installation using no heat source or special tools

• Excellent resistance to UV ,ozone and moisture

• Excellent thermal stability

• Range covers all popular cable sizes available

• Standard Colour : Grey

The product is UK origin

For more details, please refer to the product datasheet

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