CSEC | Cold Shrinkable Cable End Caps

CSEC | Cold Shrinkable Cable End Caps

Cold Shrinkable End Caps are a convenient method to provide a moisture tight seal on all types of cable or conduits without the use of a heat source or special tools.

The caps are supplied pre-expanded on a removable core which is easily removed when the cap is placed in position by pulling out the spiral core and allowing the rubber end cap to shrink down to its original memory.

• Can be fitted over all types of plastic, metal and other materials

• Resistant to aggressive chemicals and moisture

• UV resistant

• Quick and easy installation using no heat source or tools

• Standard Colour: Black

• Range of sizes covers diameters between 12mm and 75mm

The product is UK origin

For more details, please refer to the product datasheet

CSEC-CS-End-Cap-en.19.1[1] [PDF, 279.21 KB]
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