Polyolefin Tubing RT-3

Semirigid, Flame- Retardant, Polyolefin Tubing


Suitable for wire strain-relief applications soldered or crimped connections, wire splices, terminations. Well-suited for use with semiautomated production equipment requiring tubing with a tightly controlled expanded diameter. Acts as a tough covering for delicate components; provides mechanical protection.


Product Facts

  • 2.5:1 shrink ratio
  • Tightly controlled expanded diameters
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Semirigidity that transfers flex stress away from typically weak points such as solder and crimp joints, helping to ensure a reliable connection
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • Outstanding physical and electrical performance
  • RoHS compliant
Category:Single Wall
Flame retardant:Yes
Max Operating Temperature:135
Min Shrink Temperature:110
RT-3_Raychem_Datasheet [PDF, 67.15 KB]
RT-3_Schema [PDF, 105.86 KB]
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