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TT-TS12 Touch Screen System Control Panel

Graphic display of leak location
Every installed Sensor Interface Module (TT-SIM) or wireless mesh transmitter (TT-702) is scanned on a continuous basis.When a leak is detected, the TT-TS12 will display the leak location with the name of the reporting channel and the distance along the cable in feet or meters. The leak location information is also used to position a flashing “LEAK” icon over a user designated background image. The image can be a floor plan showing where the sensor cable has been installed, a pipe or tank plan, or the photo of a single piece of equipment. “Mapping Points” are entered during initial start-up and commissioning to provide the reference for leak location displays. Entering and editing mapping points is quick and easy. Intuitive zoom and pan gestures allow the user to quickly identify the source of any leak alarm and easily dispatch and direct a response effort.

Background images are transferred from the user’s PC into the TT-TS12 as a jpeg formatted photo or similar graphic via a USB memory stick. The TT-TS12 can store up to 250 images (each image can have up to 100 mapping points), so that multiple branch circuits or complex cable patterns are easily captured for future leak location displays.


Available in various configurations
The TT-TS12 can be ordered as an Enclosure, available in a variety of configurations, ranging from zero SIM’s up to four SIM-1 or four SIM-1A modules. All TT-TS12 Enclosures are supplied with:

  •  TT-TS12 Touch Screen
  •  TT-TS12-ADAM 4069
  •  TT-TS12-RS482/485-CNVRTR
  •  TT-TS12-120/230 VAC-PWR SUPPLY
  •  Front Panel USB Port and Buzzer


A Trim Flange is available for semi-flush mounting of the TT-TS12 Enclosure.
Some applications may require custom mounting, so the TT-TS12 Touch Screen Panel and associated accessories can be obtained individually.


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