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FHT Series constant wattage Heating Cable

Parallel constant wattage trace heating cables for frost protection or process temperature maintenance applications up to 230°C The Raychem FMT and FHT range of constant wattage parallel trace heating cables are designed for freeze protection of industrial equipment or process temperature maintenance up to 230°C. These heating cables can withstand up to 260°C and have fluoropolymer outer jackets for high chemical resistance.

They are approved for use in hazardous areas, and are usually used in conjunction with advanced control systems.


Key benefits:

  • The FHT product is available in 230V and 400V versions for extended circuit lengths.
  • Cut to length and termination possible on site
  • Round geometry provides excellent flexibility during installation
  • Heating element is protected by 2 layers of PTFE insulation tape to minimize mechanical stress


230 V versions 400 V version
10FxT2 (10 W/m)   10FHT4 (10 W/m)
20FxT2 (20 W/m)   20FHT4 (20 W/m)
30FxT2 (30 W/m)  30FHT4 (30 W/m)
40FHT2 (40 W/m)



Nominal Power output Up to 30 W/m Up to 40 W/m Up to 30 W/m
Nominal voltage 230 Vac 230 Vac 400 Vac
Maximum circuit length Up to 200 m Up to 200 m Up to 330 m
Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on) 150°C 230°C 230°C
Maximum continuous exposure temperature (power off) 200°C 260°C 260°C
FMT-FHT_Pentair_Datasheet [PDF, 195.61 KB]


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