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KTV Series Self Regulating Heating Cable

The Raychem KTV range of parallel, self-regulating trace heating cables is mainly used for process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels that require steam cleaning, and for frost protection of systems with high heat losses (such as expanding gases).

They can be used to maintain processes up to 150°C (302°F) and they withstand temperatures up to 215°C (420°F). The fluoropolymer outer jackets offer a high chemical resistance against aggressive organics and corrosives.

  • 5KTV (16 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 8KTV (25 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 15KTV (47 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 20KTV (65 W/m @ 10°C)


Key benefits:

  • Simplified design in hazardous area
    • through unconditional temperature classification as specified by European norm EN60079-30-1 (no requirement for sheath temperature calculations/controls)
    • longer circuit lengths due to bigger cross-section of conductors (2,3 mm2)
  • Fast and easy to install
    • Flexible and easy to strip due to their unique fiber construction
    • multiple overlaps at valves, flanges and on complex piping
    • cut-to-length
    • user-friendly connection kits
    • meter markings on outer jacket
  • Safe, reliable and efficient in operation
    • no risk of overheating even when crossed
    • high power output for higher temperature applications
    • uniform pipe temperatures and energy savings resulting from the self-regulating technology (Further energy savings can be made with various control and monitoring systems)


Usage Area - Freeze Protection (Pipe and Tanks)  , 150°C'ye kadar sıcaklık muhafazası, Yoğuşmayı önleme
Type 5KTV2-CT 8KTV2-CT 15KTV2-CT 20KTV2-CT
Application Area Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22, Ordinary
Chemical Resistance Organic and inorganic substances and strong chemicals
Operating Voltage  (V) 230 V
Max. storage temperature (°C) 150
Max. temperature   (°C) 215
Nominal Power Consumption (W/m at 10 °C) 16 25 47 65
Max. circuit length  (maks. sigorta ile +10 °C'de m) 230 180 130 110
Maks. C-Type Fuse (A) 40



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