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Powercrete DD High Performans Epoxy For Directional Drill


  • Directional Drilling
  • Thrust (slick) Bore
  • Pull Through
  • Abrasion Resistance Overlay (ARO)
  • Pipeline Protection in Any Severe Handling Application
  • Protection of Mainline Coating or as Stand-Alone Coating


Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Solids Liquid Expoxy 

No V.O.C.'s or isocyanates; Safe to use; Environment : friendly

  • Bisphenol A Chemistry

Suitable for pipeline operating temperatures up to 55 ºC (130 ºF)

  • Excellent adhesion on FBE and other mainline coatings 

Enhances corrosion protection; Provides long term performance; Delays rehabilitation and saves money

  • Excellent Mechanical Properties with Superb Abrasion Resistance

Most suited as ARO for directional drill, thrust bore and pull-thru applications


Max Temperature: 55 ºC, 131 ºF

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