Polatis Series7000-240x240 Fibers Optical Switch

Polatis Series7000-240x240 Fibers Optical Switch

The Huber Suhner Polatis 7000 Optical Switch is the most advanced non-blocking optical matrix switch that can connect 480 fibers capacity with a 240x240 Layout. Polatis 7000 Optical Switch supports SDNs (Software-Defined Networks) and dynamic fiber-cross connections. Polatis 7000 Optical Switch has low optical loss, compact size, low power requirements and fast switching speeds; and it is designed for the high performance demanding applications.

Polatis 7000 Optical Switch Details

  • Unmatched switch capacity and density with up to 240x240 ports
  • Ultra-low optical loss and superior performance
  • True dark fiber switch
  • Signal bit-rate and format independent up to 100G, 400G and beyond
  • Proven Polatis reliability
  • SDN OpenFlow and NETCONF command interfaces
  • Supports a rich set of configurable value-added functions including optical power monitoring, variable attenuation and autonomous optical layer protection switching

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