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EMDR-10 Control unit for snow melting systems of Raychem

The electronic control unit EMDR-10 is specifically designed for the control of gutter heating systems. Depending on outdoor temperature and moisture in the gutter the heating cable will only be switched on if necessary to ensure a correct drain of the snow water.


A good positioning of the temperature sensor is crucial for the correct and efficient operation of the snow melting system. The temperature sensor should be placed on the North side of the building, in a position where it will always be away from direct sunlight. Moreover, it must be
protected against other influences, i.e. it may not be mounted above doors or windows and not close to lamps or floodlights.
A position on the wall just below a gutter is recommended.

The connection wire of the sensor may be extended to max. 100 m at a lead diameter of 1.5 mm2.

The wires of the temperature sensor has to be considered as carrying mains voltage according to VDE. The relevant installation regulations must be observed.

RAYCHEM_EMDR-10_Installation_Manual [PDF, 706.87 KB]
EMDR-10_katalog-TR [PDF, 706.87 KB]
RAYCHEM_EMDR-10_Datasheet [PDF, 122.65 KB]
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