Miller RCS-114 Round Cable Stripper




Miller RCS-114 Round Cable Stripper

With Miller RCS Round Cable Stripper, you can easily strip round fiber optic cables without damaging the inner core. Miller RCS is quick and reliable.

Miller RCS-114 Details

  • Two tools designed for fast, safe, and precise jacket removal of PE, PVC, rubber, and other jackets
  • Fiber Optic cables - excellent tool for precise jacket stripping of fiber optic multi-fiber cables
  • RCS-114 for smaller diameter cables: 0.178 to 1.14 inches (4.5 - 29 mm)
  • “Tri-Action Strip” capability
  • Rotary cut to a longitudinal cut along the cable length for end stripping
  • Spiral cut for end stripping
  • Spiral cut for mid-span stripping
  • Spiral cutting features provides easier removal of harder jackets
  • Spring-loaded cable brace firmly secures cable to the blade for controlled cutting action
  • Comfort and ergonomic design for ease of use and storage
  • Long life blade design
  • Blade depth can be regulated by simply turning the blade housing
  • Blade housing is PTFE coated, for smooth, low effort stripping
  • Replacement blade (RCS-114 and RCS-158): CB 231
  • Length: 5.38 in (138.00 mm)
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces (100.0g)




RCS_Datasheet [PDF, 173.72 KB]
RCS-Instructions [PDF, 123.43 KB]
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