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IPH Isopad platen heater

Isopad platen heaters (IPH) have been designed to blend the benefits of an electric radiant heat source and the design requirements of press plates. Due to a uniform heat density they are ideally suited to coating and lamination processes and have been widely adopted in high quality
applications such as solar panel manufacture. 


At the core is a mineral insulated (MI) heating cable which can supply temperatures up-to 1000°C, the MI heating cable is manufactured into a hermetically sealed heating element utilising laser welding technology, formed to deliver optimum heat density then fully encapsulated in a metallic
platen ready for use.

The long element lengths made possible by MI cables minimise the number of vacuum feedthroughs required thus reducing the number of failure modes in the final assembly. Additional reliability is achieved using multiple temperature sensors with the option of fully integrated and vacuum
tested power and sensor feedthroughs.


Thermocoax can provide a customised platen heater to specific customer design requirements or engineer from a simple design outline. 


Area Specifications

  • Area classification: Nonhazardous, ordinary area
  • Ingress protection: IP68
  • Electrical protection class: Class I
  • Maximum withstand temperature (power off): 1000°C
  • Minimum installation temperature: –60°C


Heater Construction

  • Type: Resistance heating cable
  • Material: Various alloys
  • Material of insulation: Magnesium oxide (MgO)
  • Material of outer sheath: Depending on design


Technical Data

  • Maximum operating voltage 300/500 Vac
  • Maximum operating temperature 1000°C (depending on plate material)


Vacuum feedthrough of different style for heater and sensor connection; the length of the cold lead, the number of wires and optional vacuum
feedthrough can be designed to customer requirements in terms of space, temperature and electrical needs.

ISOPAD_IPH_Platen_Heater_Datasheet [PDF, 113.63 KB]
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