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SC Optical Adapter Kit

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SC Optical Adapter Kits  - Furukawa Termination Network Broadband Systems

SC Optical Adapter Kit

A single-fiber practical SC/PC and SC/APC optical adapter kit, which can be used with connectorized fibers in Termination Networks. SC Optical Adapters from Furukawa Broadband, can be used for singlemode and multimode and they have articulate door shutters that protects the adapter and open easily when a connector is inserted.

SC Optical Adapter Kit Details

Number of fibers 02 fibers (1 piece for duplex adapters or 2 for single-fiber adapters)
06 fibers (3 pieces for duplex adapters or 6 for single-fiber adapters)
12 fibers (1 piece, only for MPO adapters)
72 fibers (6 pieces, only for MPO adapters)
Adapter  Fiber type  Polishing type  Color
SC SM PC  Blue
APC  Green
MM  PC  Beige
Polishing type  Count Mode
PC 02 Fibers Multimode (MM)
Single-mode (SM)
06 Fibers Multimode (MM)
Single-mode (SM)
APC 02 Fibers Single-mode (SM)
04 Fibers
06 Fibers
08 Fibers

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