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InvisiLight MDU - Fiber Optic Drop Kit

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InvisiLight MDU - Fiber Optic Drop Kit  - Furukawa Termination Network Broadband Systems

InvisiLight MDU - Fiber Optic Drop Kit

Furukawa InvisiLight is a hidden drop system for fiber optic termination networks in Furukawa Broadband Systems. InvisiLight MDU Fiber Optic Drop Kit is best solution for connecting optic connections to MDU multiple dwelling units like building floors, apartments and rooms.

InvisiLight MDU - Fiber Optic Drop Kit Details

Size  Twelve 250 μm EZ-Bend Optical Fibers in a 2 mm unit
Application  Building or MDU hallways; risers if in OFNR duct
Install Process  Fiber adhered to wall or ceiling by an adhesive
Install Materials Adhesive (in tubes) with precision pre-cut tip (fts in applicator tool)
Inside and outside corner protectors, wall plugs and caps
Mechanical connector or pigtail
PoE wall module outside tenant unit
Connectors  Factory-terminated connectors for closet. Mechanical Connectors or spliced pigtails for point of entry
Surface Mounting  Adheres to most common types of painted and unpainted indoor wall, molding and ceiling surfaces
Aesthetics Minimum disruption to owner or tenants
Virtually invisible and blends into the decór
Can be caulked and painted with latex and oil-based indoor paint
Can be repositioned or removed and reapplied if required without damage
Easily installed around corners, obstacles and on textured surfaces
Safe and naturally protected in crevices
Corners  Supports maximum 40 outside corners and no limit on inside corners
Spool Lenghts  Available in various spool lenghts
Slack Management  Point of Entry module has storage space for slack
Install Conditions  Temperature ≥10 °C for adhesive installation. No humidity restriction or preconditioning required.
Operating Conditions  5 °C to 43 °C
Standards  UL listed OFN-LS and OFN-FT1. For in-between floors, in risers or through fre walls, it must be placed inside OFNR-rated
conduits or ducts.

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