S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

FITEL S233 Ribbon Splitter splits 4, 8, 12,and 24-fiber ribbons more easily, quickly, and accurately than ever before.


  • Small, simple, and compact design for field use
  • All-metal body for maximum durability
  • Interchangeable fiber guides for different ribbon sizes
  • No tools required to change fiber guides

APPLICABLE OPTICAL FIBER: 0.125 mm cladding diameter; 4 / 8 / 12 / 24-fiber ribbons; 0.25 mm pitch; 0.30 to 0.40 mm thickness; UV-cured acrylic resin coating (* S233 may not work satisfactorily with some ribbon fiber coating materials) Caution Do not use the S233 on live fiber or for a mid-span strip. Discard the section of the fibers to which the S233 was applied before splicing or reconnecting the exposed fibers.


  • Main Body (not sold individually): All-metal base body for all fiber guides
  • Cleaning Brush: Tool to remove fiber jacket waste
  • Carrying Case: Clear; holds all standard components
  • Operation Manual
  • Fiber Guide (3 choices):
    • Fiber A: 
      • Obverse: 4-fiber ribbon > 2 x 2-fiber ribbons
      • Reverse: 4-fiber ribbon > 3-fiber ribbon & single-fiber
    • Fiber B:
      • Obverse: 4-fiber ribbon > 2 x 2-fiber ribbons
      • Reverse: 8-fiber ribbon > 2 x 4-fiber ribbons
    • Fiber C:
      • Obverse: 12-fiber ribbon > 2 x 6-fiber ribbons
      • Reverse: 24-fiber ribbon > 2 x 12-fiber ribbons

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