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Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable

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Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable - Furukawa Central Office Broadband Systems

Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable

Fiber Optic LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable has 2-12 fibers which are covered individually in 900 μm coatings. These coated fibers are surrounded by a tight buffer layer and an outer layer that is resistant to flames and ultra violet light. Furukawa Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable suitable for indoor and outdoor installations in ducts or underground manhole, and it is resistant to temporary floods. Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable is a Central Office solution in Furukawa Broadband Systems.

Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable Section Layers

Fiber LAN Indoor/Outdoor Cable Details

Constructive Characteristics
Fiber types Multimode (50/125)  OM4, OM3 and OM2
Multimode (62.5/125)  OM1
Single-Mode (9/125)  G.652.D and G.657 (BLI)
Fiber count  02 to 12
Flammability rating  OFN/OFNR* or LSZH
Fiber count  Nominal outer diameter (mm)  Nominal weight
Maximum load during
installation (N)
Minimum bending radius (mm)
During installation  After installation
2 4.8 19 1850 15 x cable diameter  10 x cable diameter
4 5.2 21
6 5.6 24
8 6 34
12 6.5 40
Wood reel
Cable length  2100 m for Multimode fber and 2000 m for Single-Mode fber

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