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WDM Filter

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WDM Filter - Furukawa Central Office Broadband Systems

WDM Filter

Furukawa WDM Filter collects multiple optic signals from SC/APC connectors and then multiplexes these signals into different wavelengths in order to send them through one single fiber output. Furukawa WDM Filter is a Central Office solution in Furukawa Broadband Systems.

WDM Filter Details

Constructive Features
Connector type  SC
Polishing type  APC
Optical attenuation 0.15 dB (typical)
0.3 dB (maximum)
Maximum return loss  > 60 dB
Operating wavelength Reflected  1310 ± 50, 1490 ± 10
Passing  1550 ± 10
Insertion loss 0.7 dB (typical)
1 dB (maximum)
Directivity  > 50 dB
Return loss  ≥ 45 dB

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