S220A Optical Ribbon Fiber Separator - Fitel

S220A Optical Ribbon Fiber Separator - Fitel

Designed to initiate separating 2 to 12-fiber ribbons into single fibers. After shaving with S220A, the ribbon fiber can be easily separated by fingers into single fibers. Compact carrying case included as standard. Includes User's Manual (FTS-B013).

  • Application: 2 to 12 fiber ribbons with the thickness of 0.30 ~ 0.40 mm
  • Dimensions: 55 W × 30 D × 22 H mm
  • Weight: 100 g



Do not use the S220A on live fiber or for a mid-span strip. Discard the section of the fibers to which the S220A was applied before splicing or reconnecting the exposed fibers.

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